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Hey Everybody! Thanks for coming here to learn more about what’s going on with the HUB. During Sunday announcements it’s a challenge to give lots of details so let’s dig in.


Building Progress

First up is building progress. We are still on track to have services on the HUB early next year, but we have had some delays. I would use the word unfortunately concerning the delay, but I so believe that the Lord is ordering our steps. Our schedule right now says we will be having our first services on the hub in the middle of February. But with this delay, generosity has continued to come in that has allowed to not spend loan funds to date, which is amazing. I’ll get into more of the financial picture in a short bit.

We got delayed by primarily by 2 big things. 1) Our first delay of almost 3 weeks came because of gopher tortoises that were located on the property. They are a protected species and construction had to stop until they were relocated. See those here!


They are safe and sound and happy on a gopher farm. And construction resumed.

The second major cause of our delay has been the rain. We have had record rains in the past couple of months. June hit the largest amount of rain in the shortest amount of time that our county has ever recorded. Now, this rain does come on the heels of a pretty severe drought so we needed the rain. In fact lack of rain did cause some minor delay with starting to pour concrete on the HUB so for those of you who began praying for rain in response to that, it’s safe to switch gears now.😀

At this point the metal frame is up around the main sanctuary and 7k square foot lobby that includes multipurpose rooms to be used for micro churches, and other ministries to meet and work. The final concrete pour for the children’s wing actually took place this morning at 3am, and the concrete footers for the youth wing also were poured. Next the metal framing will go up around the kid’s wing as soon as the concrete dries.

We are also still in the process of site work, specifically we are still digging storm water retention ponds as required by the county and our roadway.


Miraculous Provision

This brings me to the awesome testimony of financial provision I alluded to at our Sunday services.

Site work (a very costly portion of most building projects) is everything done under and around the building in order for it to function; laying pipes to bring in utilities, digging retention ponds, and roadways, things like that.

Several professionals warned us that this portion of the project is the most risky and is often where projects run over budget. As I said in the video, we have seen significant miraculous cost savings on our site work.

So here’s what happened. At the beginning of the project we put aside $300k for undercutting retention ponds.

Undercutting is essentially the process of removing soil that is bad and replacing it with good soil that you bring in from another source. We were told to expect to spend all of that money for replacing the soil in the ponds.

Our deacons prayed as a group and separately very regularly. In fact one of our deacons reported praying 3 times a day for the HUB, specifically for savings on the undercutting.

On one of the days he went to the HUB to pray he decided to speak to our Superintendent and ask about the status of the savings on the undercutting.  It turned out just hours earlier geotechnical engineers determined our soil was good under the building and we did not need to undercut. BUT he was NOT referring to the undercutting of the storm water ponds. He was referring to $213k worth of undercutting that we planned to do under the building and had not asked to the deacons to pray for. With the ponds, at the outset we knew to be asking the Lord to give us savings there. But the undercutting under the building was something that we had already agreed to pay for per the reports and the bid. But the soil was better than anticipated and no undercutting was necessary. 

Of course the next logical question was, well what about the potential $300k savings? Well, at a meeting two weeks we learned that some test holes were dug in the area of the ponds and the soil there is also better than anticipated and there will be significant savings there as well! Praise the Lord. Now, we are not in the clear yet. They still have to get in there and dig and make sure the soil is good. Digging begins next week.

Church lets pray. If God can answer our prayer for good soil in an area we weren’t specifically asking for he can certainly give us good soil in the area where staff and deacons HAVE been praying. That would be a total savings of over half a million dollars.

But that’s not all. We have also been told to set aside $150k for undercutting or removing and replacing bad soil under the roadway that will wind from 39th avenue all the way to the building.  Why not ask for the Lord to give us savings there as well. Let’s do it. Our prayer at the outset was that God would do miracles that would cause everyone who worked on this project to glorify Him.

It has been Pastor Mike’s prayer and I fully agree that in our first year on the HUB we are able to give more money to missions and the poor than we ever have before. We want to be free to walk fully in the call we believe God has given us of spreading the gospel from Gainesville to the Nations.


Financial Picture

This brings me to my last point. We have available loan funds to us to cover the cost of the building. ($12 million) We have been under construction since January and so far we have not spent a single dollar of loan money. With savings and your continued generosity we have been able pay every bill so far with cash on hand. Without a miraculous gift or other provision our next monthly invoice would likely put us into using the financing money.  Now we have planned and accounted for this, but it would be amazing to continue to report that God has provided and is allowing us to a) build our prayer chapel and b) remain radically generous.

According to our current plan, in order to stay in track we need to raise and $487k before January of next year. Your faithfulness is giving is still essential. At the same time, if you haven’t yet sown into the HUB now is the time to get on board with this adventure. God is showing up. I pray we are unified in prayers and giving too.

Lastly, pray for the sale of our NW campus. If we sell the NW campus it would make an incredible dent in the debt we would incur and interest we would pay over the life of the loan. The sale would also allow us to build our prayer chapel right away.  Because it would provide the additional $1 million the chapel would cost.


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