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General Hub Info


General Hub Info

General Hub Information: 


Q: What is the Hub?

A: The Hub is 50 beautiful acres of land located on NW 39th Avenue just West of I-75 in Gainesville, FL.  It is the future home of our main campus, which is currently meeting at our Northwest Campus.  This will include a 1900 seat auditorium, a new youth building, expanded children’s ministry space, staff offices, along with 20 acres of land designated exclusively for prayer and God seeking.     


Q: Where is the HUB?

A: The Hub is located at 10924 NW 39th Avenue, just West of I-75.


Q: Why the Hub?  What can we do there that we cannot do currently?

A: Over the past 10 years, God has gifted us with substantial growth.  At the Northwest Campus alone, we regularly accommodate over 1,500 people a weekend on a campus that has an auditorium built for 450 people.  We have innovated and been as creative as possible to keep up with the growth that God continues to bring us.  We have turned our gym into an auditorium, are doing multiple services, and are constantly trying to work with the space that we have.  We have moved from 2 services at our Northwest Campus to 8 services at 4 campuses in Gainesville alone.  We also have a church plant in South Florida, 2 online services, and multiple house churches in Gainesville, Orlando, and Tampa. 

God is bringing a harvest… and we want do not want to hinder what He is doing due to a lack of space, but that is becoming more and more of a reality.  We want to make space to make disciples! 

We have an Acts 1:8 vision where we want to see the Gospel saturate Gainesville and then move from here to the ends of the earth.  But for that to become a reality, we have to have a strong hub of ministry, a sending outpost, and a centralized location where we can all gather to do what God is calling us to do, and we currently do not have such a place.  This past January at our Week of Prayer, for example, we had people standing in the back of the auditorium, sitting on stage, and flooding into the lobby because there was no room.  We are out of space and cannot add any more kid’s rooms or facilities.  They are simply maxed out.   We have youth small groups meeting outside on Wednesday nights because there are no rooms on campus for them to meet.  From 6am to 10pm almost every day of the week, we have discipleship groups, prayer, and microchurches meeting all over this campus.  Space is becoming an issue to fulfill the call and vision that God has given our church!

The Hub will provide us the space and venues to not only grow locally but expand globally in ways that our current main campus, the Northwest Campus, cannot.  Once we transition from the Northwest Campus as our main campus to the Hub, we will be able to have places to fulfill our calls to prayer, the poor, harvest, and leadership.  We will have space to gather and pray, to disciple children and students, pioneer innovative ways to help the poor both locally and globally, and raise up leaders, church planters, and missionaries who will go from Gainesville to the nations…

We couldn’t be more excited about how God is going to provide in ways that will help us to fulfill the call and the potential that God has given our church!


Q: Why are we not building the sanctuary on the front 20 acres near 39th Avenue?

A: There is a Conservation Management Area in the front 20 acres of our property that makes it impossible for us to build a 70,000 sq. ft. building on the front 20 acres of the property. 

But as we sought the Lord with an earnest desire for His will for this property, we believe we heard several things from God about His purposes for this property, one of those being a radical consecration and devotion to prayer.   With this in mind, we felt moved by the Holy Spirit to dedicate the front 20 acres, the prime real estate of our property, wholly unto the Lord.  The front 20 acres will be used exclusively for the purposes of prayer and God seeking.  We will have prayer trails, prayer modules for personal God seeking, prayer gardens, and other natural environments that will help facilitate and be conducive to connecting and encountering God.  We want to make a statement with our resources and our prayers that we are putting the Lord first in all that we do.


Q: What is “the front 20”?

A: The front 20 will be our prayer reserve that encompasses all the aforementioned prayer trails and venues.


Q: Won’t we be moving too far West in Gainesville and lose the centrality of our Northwest Campus location?

A: The city of Gainesville is ever expanding and growing.  There are massive plans for expansion westward beyond I-75 and bringing in hundreds of stores, restaurants, and most importantly housing.  The center of Gainesville is moving, and it is moving west. 

Being close to I-75 also gives us immediate access to many who travel from different surrounding cities to Greenhouse on the weekends and opens up many doors to those coming from out of town.

Additionally, we are adding our voice to the many in our city that have been requesting bus routes to extend further west as well.


Q: What about the service times?  Will they change?

A: The times of services will stay close to what they currently are on the Northwest Campus.


Q: I feel like moving to a new, large building will change the small-church, intimate feeling of our church.  How will we fight against a mega-church feel where people get lost in the crowd?

A: While Sundays are a wonderful opportunity to come together as believers, we do not view weekend gatherings as the primary venue for authentic and deep relationships.  We want more than superficial connections.  In the book of Acts, they met in the temple and they met in each other’s homes.  Community happens because we are in microchurches, connecting with people in deep and meaningful ways, and getting discipled in that context. 


Q: Can I help?

A: Yes! We are always looking for people who want to get involved with the Hub and helping us move forward. We are asking for people to pray, visit, give. Pray for the HUB, visit the HUB and give to the HUB. 


Q: Who to contact with questions?

A: If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to get involved, please contact Maru Opabola at mopabola@greenhousechurch.org

The Building

The Building

Building and Construction


Q: When is our move in date?

A: We are aiming to be in the new building on the Hub by Christmas 2017!


 Q: When do we break ground?

 A: We are expecting to break ground this Fall.


Q: What are we building?

A: We are going to be building an approx. 70,000 sq. ft. building that includes an auditorium for weekend gatherings, a youth building that can also be used for conferences such as Breakthrough, new children’s facilities, offices for staff, an outdoor amphitheater, along with large meetings rooms for microchurches, ministries, and volunteers.  There will also be a variety of sports fields on the property as well, including volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball fields near the main building.

We will also be building prayer modules, prayer trails and gardens on the front 20 acres which will function like a prayer reserve.


Q: What is the size of the different aspects of the new building?  How do they compare to the current space at the Northwest Campus?

A:  Auditorium:

  • Our current auditorium on the Northwest campus seats 450 people and is 5,850 sq. ft.
  • At the Hub, the new auditorium would be able to seat 1,900 and will be approx. 39,000 sq. ft.

      Youth Building:

  • Our youth group meets in Auditorium A, which is 5,600 sq. ft. and can seat about 230 students when the room is set up for SWEAT.  This doubles as the room(s) where the students meet in small groups wherever they can find room.  Some of the small groups have to meet in other places on the Northwest Campus due to a lack of space in Auditorium A.
  • At the Hub, the youth building will be approx. 8,840 sq. ft.  This includes a 3,600 sq. ft. auditorium that seats 300 students as well as a 3,000 sq. ft. lounge/meeting space for small group breakouts.

      Children’s Space:

  • Our current kid’s facilities on the Northwest campus is 5,560 sq. ft. and has one auditorium for elementary aged children that also doubles as their small group meeting space.  The early childhood portion has no auditorium and is broken up into a handful of classrooms.
  • At the Hub, our children’s facilities will be over 12,500 sq. ft. with two 100 seat auditoriums for both early childhood aged children and elementary aged children, along with ample break out rooms for the varying age groups.


Q: Are we going to build in phases?  Or are we going to build all of this at once?

A: We will be building everything together in one phase.


Q: Now that we will be moving to a larger property with nicer children’ facilities, will we be opening a daycare and/or nursery?

A: Our zoning permissions from the county prohibit us from operating daycare or nursery at the HUB.





Q: Why are we shifting from doing this debt free to taking out a loan?

A: At the rate we are currently saving, it would take us 16 years to move into the Hub if we chose the debt free route.  While we believe in faith and in God’s provision, we also want to be wise stewards by moving forward with the call and vision He has for us to spread the Gospel both here in Gainesville and around the world.  We are not averse to taking out what we call “non-foolish” debt, especially since that will allow us to move onto the Hub in 2017 instead of 2032!  

By taking out this loan, it will not affect what we call or standard of giving (how much we give) or our standard of living (how we financially operate currently).  We have been saving faithfully for a new property for the past 7 years and have shown that we can save on a monthly basis what the mortgage will cost.  So we feel confident moving forward with that in mind.  

This does not, however, undermine our full and utter dependency and faith in the Lord for our financial provision.  We are still believing that He will pay off our debt before we even move onto the Hub!


Q: What is the total cost of the Hub?

A: The total cost of the project will be approx. $11 million. 


Q: This is a lot of money.  Does this mean that we are going to pull back on missions giving?

A: Absolutely and emphatically no!  We have no plans to pull back on any missions’ money during the process of building and moving to the Hub.  As stated above, we already have built in to our annual budget the amount that we would be paying on the loan each month.  This means that we would not have to dip into any missions’ money during this entire process.  In fact, we foresee increases in missions giving even through this process of building on the Hub! The pattern has been that as we grow as a church so does our missions giving. 


Q: What are some details about the loan? 

A: We will be taking a loan from AG Financial, which is a financial branch of the Assemblies of God.  The beautiful thing about AG Financial is that the interest that we pay on the loan is going towards financing Kingdom-minded advancements, such as Convoy of Hope, assisting retiring pastors, AG missionaries that are currently out on the field, and towards the helping and support of Syrian refugees. 


Q: I have heard that the money given in the next 12-16 months is interest free. What do you mean by that?

A: Money given at least for next 12-16 months will be going toward reducing the debt amount without any interest, meaning that if there is a strong giving increase within this timeline, there is still a chance the Hub could be built debt free!  We are borrowing from AG Financial something that functions similarly to what a line of credit would look like.


Q: What happened to my designated contribution?

A: If you have designated money in the past for a specific aspect of the Hub, that money will still be used for that specific purpose.  





Local Campus Impact


Q: How will the Hub benefit me?  I go to another campus other than the Northwest campus so I will not be attending the Hub for weekend services.  


A: The Hub will be just that: a Hub of activity for all of Greenhouse.  As a member of the Greenhouse family, even if you do not attend the Hub for a weekend service, you will reap the benefits of the property.  Here are just a few ways the Hub will be a win for all of Greenhouse, even those who attend campuses outside of Gainesville!


The Prayer Reserve: The front 20 acres of the property is devoted exclusively to God seeking and to prayer.  We will have prayer trails, a prayer chapel, prayer modules for personal God seeking, prayer gardens, and other natural environments that will help facilitate and be conducive to connecting and encountering God.  This will be open to anyone and everyone who wants to come and enjoy the property and God’s presence. 


Breakthroughs: Breakthrough Weekends will be moving to the Hub as well.  We will have amazing facilities that are being built with Breakthrough in mind to make that an even better weekend experience.


Leadership and Ministry Conferences: Whether it be our annual Greenhouse Leadership Conference, Microchurch Leader Gatherings, or even a place for the campus ministry you are a part of (Ex. Lincoln Greenhouse Kids) to meet, the space and multiple venues that the Hub provides will be open for any and all of that!  


Prayer Meetings: This past year, we could not fit all of the people who wanted to be in the sanctuary for our week of prayer in January at the Northwest campus.  People were sitting on the stage, standing in the back, in the aisles, and were livestreaming from the lobby and upstairs in the prayer room!  The Hub will provide us a location and venue that is large enough for our corporate prayer gatherings.


Youth Group and Children’s Ministry: The new youth and children’s facilities will be fully utilized throughout the week and will be our new location for SWEAT, our youth ministry as well as our elementary and early childhood services on Wednesday night.  The youth building and kid’s facilities are strategically designed to maximize discipleship and facilitate spiritual growth.  So if you are a parent, even if you go to a different campus, your family will get to benefit from this amazing atmosphere!